Mayalani Moes

Mayalani Moes is a Luxembourgish actress based both in London and Luxembourg.
In 2015, she graduated from the University of Dundee with an MA in English and Film Studies.
Before she went on to chase her career goal to become a professional actress at the Giles Foreman Centre for Acting in London in 2016 to study acting, she appeared in numerous short films such as ‘Freddie’ (2016) directed by Andy Bausch, several documentaries such as ‘Sixty8’ (2017) by Andy Bausch and a feature film called ‘Toy Gun’ (2018) directed by Marco Serafini.
After receiving her acting diploma, she immediately landed the main guest role in episode 12 of ‘Zëmmer ze Verlounen’ (2018) directed by Nadia Masri.
She then appeared in plays in London ‘Demons’ (2019) directed by Althyr Pivatto and in Luxembourg in the commissioned piece ‘De Roude Fuedem’ (2018) directed by Nilton Martins and written by Rafael David Kohn.
In 2020, she was cast in the feature film ‘An Zéro’ directed by Julien Becker and was working as the kids acting coach in ‘Himbeeren mit Senf’ directed by Ruth Olshan.
She is very excited about what the future has in store for her and cannot wait to dedicate her passion and work into her upcoming projects.

Alexandre Hornbeck
Vice-president & Treasurer

Alexandre Hornbeck is a French-Luxembourgish actor. He set foot on stage for the first time when he was 16, and went on to train his acting skills at the Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg. Apart from acting, he also sings and writes poetry.
He has appeared in multiple plays ('De Roude Fuedem' by Rafael David Kohn & Nilton Martins, 'Letters from Luxembourg' by Serge Tonnar & Sylvia Camarda, 'Patterns' by Johan Bark) and movies ('Erik Stoneheart' by Ilmar Raag, 'Dreamland' by Bruce McDonald, 'Tel Aviv on Fire' by Sameh Zoabi, 'L’Étrange Couleur des Larmes de ton Corps' by Hélène Cattet & Bruno Forzani).
His poetry was published within the framework of the artistic performance and exhibition 'Latsempoar' (Luxembourg, 2012).
In 2017, he performed as a leading actor in the first Luxembourgish musical ('A Living in Amerika' by Jacqueline Posing-Van Dyck & Georges Urwald).
In 2019, he had the opportunity to work with the world renowned Robert Wilson in New York, as an actor and artistic performer within the framework of his 'Tabula Rasa' event.
In 2020, he should’ve been the voice of Ludwig Van Beethoven for his 250th birthday at the Rheinsberg Palace in Germany, which was cancelled due to COVID-19.
In 2022, he appeared in the second season of 'Capitani' as Ludovic.
Collateral Drama is his new baby,  and he will see to him growing into a healthy, fully grown artistic endeavour.

Rafael David Kohn

Rafael Kohn started his theatre career as a stagehand at the Théâtre du Centaure.
After his studies at the University of Arts in Berlin, he made his debut as a playwright in 2009 with 'bushmeat' at Bühnen der Stadt Gera.
In 2010 he directed his play Flaschenbrand in Luxembourg, 'Lupenrein' was produced in 2011 by Theater 89 in Berlin. 'Waffensalon' was selected for the ETC book of plays: best 119 contemporary European plays 2012.
As a director he pioneered English speaking performances in Luxembourg with his in situ production of Lucy Krikwood’s 'it felt empty at first when the heart went, but it is alright now' for Maskénada.
As a playwright, he writes in German, French, Luxembourgish and English. So far 20 of his plays have been performed in Germany, Luxembourg, Romania and Togo. His work includes various published short stories, essays, articles, screenplays and radio plays in Germany, Luxembourg and Togo.
In 2017 he published his first novel 'Che Guevara war ein Mörder'.  In 2018/19 he was a writer in residency at the Théâtre National du Luxembourg.
As a director he further has worked at the Teatrul National Radu Stanca Sibiu in Romania, the National Theater Weimar in Germany, Theater an der Schaan in Liechtenstein, Sfumato theatre in Bulgaria and many stages in Luxembourg. His works have been invited to the Colloquium of Ethnic Minority Theatre (Gheorgheni/Romania), 100° Festival (Berlin/Germany) and Festival der deutschen Sprache (Prague/Czech Republic).