Luxembourg is known as a notoriously rich banking place, yet it seems that its riches are only tamable by a handful of chosen people, especially in the context of a global COVID19 pandemic and the problematic financial context that ensues from it.

So how do we acquire the necessary economic independence to allow us to come a step closer to freedom and the realisation of our wildest dreams?

We will try to give you the key to success with ‘How to get rich in Luxembourg. (Fast).’, a collection of three short plays that mark the debut of our concept ‘shortcuts’.
The rules are simple: we gave three different authors one theme. They faced no boundaries in their writing process, neither stylistically nor content-wise, except for the given theme and a time limit of 20 minutes of showtime.
The result is a unique combination of three short plays and three unique points of view.

Jérôme Netgen’s play is set in a dystopian version of Luxembourg, in which the fictitious totalitarian Real People’s Movement rules the country with an iron fist to allow hard capitalism to flourish unhindered. 


For Claire Thill, online scams, ransom demands and other illicit activities seem the best approach to get rich in Luxembourg fast. In her short play, an American seeking anonymity in Luxembourg tumbles into the web of a guru offering How-to-get-rich seminars. 


Finally, for Jean Bürlesk, becoming a trophy husband seems the obvious career choice. He teaches us how to successfully secure the ring.

Cultural center "Am Duerf" (Next to Le Bovary)
1 Rue Henri Lamormesnil
L-1915 Luxembourg

03 December 2021 - 20h00 (Preview show - Free entry)
04 December 2021 - 20h00 (Premiere)
06 December 2021 - 20h00
07 December 2021 - 20h00

10 December 2021 - 20h00

Duration: 1h30
Price: 25€
2G Event

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Written by Jérôme Netgen, Claire Thill & Jean Bürlesk

Cast: Alexandre Hornbeck, Jacqueline Milne & Mayalani Moes
Director: Rafael David Kohn
Assistant director: Jacqueline Milne
Set & costume design: Joël Seiller